Kill sinister Agame warlord #Abbay #Woldu!!!!

Kill sinister Agame warlord #Abbay #Woldu!!!!

Isn’t time for the #International #Criminal #Court to investigate this fearsome Agame cannibal?

As the anti Agame/Tigre tension reaches boiling point in Tigre occupied Ethiopia, creating combustible condition for a Rwanda like genocide, meet the reclusive Warlord who openly uses terror as political weapon to cause widespread devastation.

Known as the greedy monster, Warlord Abbay Woldu is a top dog in the ranks of the tyrannical minority Tigre junta. He is the face of blood curdling and bone chilling Tigre/Agame barbarity. His action illustrates the unmatched cruelty of Tigre/Agame fascism in Tiger occupied Ethiopia.

Like all other TPLF warlords, Abbay Woldu thought, resistance to the brutal Tigre rule has disappeared under the weight of the delivery of waves of political repression and systematic genocide. However, as seen during the recent Gonder uprising, merciless resistance to the iron hand Agame rule didn’t disappeared under the weight of violent shocks and tragedy.

In fact, heroic Gonderes have delivered a revolutionary apocalypse that plunged Tigray Republic into mourning. For the first time in 25 years, the invading Agame army was defeated in the historic city of Gonder by patriotic sons and daughters of the persecuted Amharas.

Currently, fear-smitten Agames are openly threatening the Amharas and all non Tigre Ethiopians with genocide.

The Godfather of Agame fascism, Tegadelti Sebhat Nega stated few days ago that urgently disarming the Amharas would significantly weaken their capacity to make another war against the ruling ethnic Tigres.

“Otherwise, we Agames are going to give up our master race status and kicked out of the nation we ruled for 25 good years.” The old terror mastermind added, visibly shaking by the defeat in Gonder.

As leader of the undemocratic and terrorist group called TPLF, warlord Sebehat Nega, who often refers to Ethiopia as multinational empire has once again ruled out any non-catastrophic solutions to the flare up and openly advocated the use of force.

But it was warlord Abbay Woldu’s call for mass mobilization of the genocidal Tigre/Agame army that infuriated Ethiopians.

“Rush to nearby TPLF office and arm yourselves. Be prepared to teach Amharas a lesson that they will never forget.” The warlord told his Agame subjects few days after the defeat in Gonder.

Then ethnic Tigres unashamedly rallied behind the warlord and came out in numbers to denounce non Tigre Ethiopians.
“We will exterminate you and bury you all in one undistinguished grave. ” an elderly Agame marcher warned non-Tigre Ethiopians across the vast nation during a TPLF sponsored rally in Tigre town of Adigrat.

Isn’t it time for the international community to intervene before such madness explodes and engulfs the horn of Africa region?

We urge the #international #Criminal #court to act decisively. Investigate sinister Tigre warlords who are delivering hate speeches at public rallies in the iron curtain province of Tigray. Investigate alleged Agame war criminals such as #Abbay #Woldu and #Sibehat #Nega.

Act now before it is too late.

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